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Hati Dia & Aku - Bahagian 1

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

" When I wake up and see you’ve gone.
There’s nothing left, everything seems so wrong.
This never-ending pain that I am living deep inside,
depicts the illusion of myself and all I have to hide.".


Dia pulang dengan seribu kerinduan di hati yang aku sendiri tidak tertampung. Bila memandangnya aku tenggelam dalam seribu kerisauan. Aku lain, dan aku tidak sama seperti mereka. Aku bimbang, memahamiku menimbulkan resah buat dia. Aku bimbang, cintaku bakal menambah berat hatinya. Legakan hati ini,kerana aku ingin melegakan dia. Tenangkan rasa ini kerana aku ingin menenangkan hatinya.

(to be continued..)



Dear Hubby,

I had/have PMS (that's another story-sad one-tell u guys later), and as we well know, my cravings come with specific instructions (If she gets moody-She eats). Lebih-lebih lagi ketika jiwa tengah kontang sekarang ni. Luckily the instruction has nuthing to do with the letter L and V. So thank god for that.


Hubby, tell me, how can you expect me to be at the office 'working' on the friday afternoon waiting for you, sangap, lapar, hor*y and tired and..(duh, they get it already, Ji..) and decline when someone offers me a cupcakes?

So thank you so much, Rooty. You really shouldn't have but I'm glad you did hur hur@!~. I love you big time@!~

(.. amd I LOVEEEE MY NITE-WISH UMBRELLA TOOOO@!~ The cupcakes look delishhhhh@!~)

Ok back. The reason am writting this 'letter' is because i feel quilty (NOT!) eating too much cupcakes, and I know what's in your mind. Yea yea, you bought me 5 cupcakes from Wondermilk and Cupcake Chic. Plus 12 lagi cupcakes from her. I know, I know cupcakes contains calories. Calories = fat. Fat= more sex. Haha.

Tapi kan B, bukan selalu kannnnnnnnnnn. (The cupcakes not the s*x, I love s*x . Every day pon okehhhh@!~) *smile*

So please please please pretty please with sugar on top, don't be mad at me..


Ok laaaaa I cut the sugar-top. Eurghhh@!~.

Don't be mad ok?


*sini ciom*
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