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I'm Tired of Being Tired. *Sob*

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم




Less than 7 weeks to go. I'm excited but nervous but excited but nervousssss all at the same time. Sekarang nak tido pon tak best, nak duduk tak best, nak berak pon susah laaaaaaaaa@!~

Letih.Letih.Letih. Tak sabar aku nak beranak kauuu but I know larr the longer it cook, the better,tapi skang... asal tido je, tangan aku dah start rasa numb. Kadang pinggang rasa nak tercabot. Keja malam-malam asik merengek ngn laki soh gosok belakang.

Mamai mamai pon dia gosok, tp empat-lima kali gosok dah berlayar balik hish. Geram-geram. =(

(Ye, ye I tau laa dalam setiap jam kalo dah kena bangung 3-4x maunya tak mamai)

Tapi aku ada trick baik punyaaaa, kalo nak kasi suami gosok belakang lama lama sket (ye salin cepat puan-puan tips tips neh), cuba buat aksi nak terberanak atas katil. Ingat jangan over ketika berlakon, kang betol betol susah. Setiap scene cuba lakukan selang 30 minit diantara jam 2 pagi hingga 4 pagi. Hur hur hur.


Nahhh@!~ Am just kidding lol.

Itu hari scan, kepala bayi dah facing downward. Fuh, dan badan dia pulak laying straight across my stomach under my breasts. Kejap-kejap terbonjol. Letih tau.



I feel numbness in hand.. Aku dok baca, and it's related to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. It's not serious and will go away after pregnancy...Oh dear.

Here, read more about CTS.

Why am I having tingling and numbness in my hands during pregnancy?

These sensations are most likely caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Although you probably associate this condition with people whose jobs require repetitive hand movements (such as data processors, computer programmers, and assembly-line workers), it's also more prevalent in pregnant women.

Symptoms may include numbness, tingling, burning, pain, or a dull ache in the fingers, hand, wrist, and even up the arm to the shoulder. In severe chronic cases, your hand may feel clumsy or weak.

Symptoms usually affect both hands and can appear at any time, but they're more likely to begin or worsen in the second half of pregnancy when women tend to retain more fluid. The symptoms usually go away gradually after you give birth, as the swelling from pregnancy subsides.

What causes carpal tunnel syndrome during pregnancy?

The carpal tunnel is a bony canal formed by the wrist bones on three sides and a ligament that runs across the wrist on the other. The swelling and fluid retention that's so common during pregnancy can increase the pressure in this relatively narrow and inflexible space, compressing the median nerve that runs through it.

The median nerve gives sensation to the thumb and the index, middle, and half of the ring finger and is responsible for movement of a muscle at the base of the thumb. Pressure on this nerve is what causes the symptoms.
What can I do to relieve the pain?

If possible, avoid any activity that requires forceful, repetitive hand movements. Although these movements may not have caused your carpal tunnel syndrome, they can make your symptoms worse.

If your job requires this kind of movement and you must continue it, consider wearing wrist or hand braces while you work.

If you're working at a computer, adjust the height of your chair so your wrists aren't bent downward as you type. Using a special ergonomic keyboard can help in some cases. Remember to take breaks to stretch your hands.

If your symptoms bother you at night, shift your sleeping position and try to prop up your arm with a pillow or two when you feel the twinges. Avoid sleeping on your hands. If you wake up with pain, try shaking your hands until the pain or numbness goes away.

If you have a lot of discomfort at night, try stabilizing your wrist in a neutral position (not bent) with a splint or brace. A neutral position allows the carpal tunnel to be slightly wider.

Practicing yoga can help relieve the pain and increase hand strength. You may have heard that taking extra vitamin B6 can help, but two small clinical trials have shown no immediate benefit from this treatment.
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