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Kerja La la la @!~ (Do Working Moms Make Better Moms?)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Hell Yeahhhh!!!@!~ (to answer the question above).


First and foremost thank you for coming by here to read this. There are ber-bolog-bolog (new word thee hee@!~) blogs out there but you still choose my blog to spend "5 minutes" (of your working hours =P) reading it.

You people are too kind.




Aku sudah kembali bekerja (di bawah paras normal). First day at work was.. well .. agak terharuuu. I miss everyone terribly, you have no idea and to know that you have been missed by them, is double haru (kes aku terkinja-kinja dalam opis berjubah itam-cokelat), eh double terharuuuuu@!~


So bigggg LOVE to everyone and I AM BACK@!~


So dah start keja dan dah ada bebee neh apa je kerja aku lagi selain bersiar-siar "5 minit" di alam maya. I was surfing a lot of breastfeeding sites and came across what I think may be happening with Anis Manis and me. It is called reverse cycling (takde kene mengena dengan naik beskal atau diet program akuk yang aku pasti takan start sampai bebila).

Ini yang aku baca..

Reverse cycling is a term that is used to describe the nursing pattern of a baby who nurses a lot in evening and (or) night time hours rather than the "normal" daytime hours.

This pattern usually arises when the normal pattern of day time nursing is disrupted for some reason. It can be related to distractibility in the baby, a stressful or busy day for mother where she may have not taken time to sit down and nurse like she normally does, or for working moms, it can arise when mother returns to work.

The Working Mom

A working mom can be confused by a baby who is reverse cycling because she is providing the baby nourishment while she is away at work by leaving pumped milk or formula, yet baby still wakes often at night to nurse. It is very important for moms to realize that nursing a baby is not "just" about food.

Babies who are away from mom for any period of time often have a great need or desire to "reconnect" with her, and thus baby "reverse-cycles", but it may not be "all about" nutritional needs.

Other times baby will simply take enough expressed breastmilk to hold them over until they are reunited with mom (No wonder Anis asik tido je kat Nursery). Moms may worry about the meager amount of milk baby takes in during the day, however, if the baby has unrestricted access to the breast at night and nurses often, then baby almost always takes in enough milk for optimal growth and development. Allowing baby to reverse cycle often helps mom maintain milk supply when she is working, especially if she has limited time to pump milk during her workday.

A working mom may find that if baby reverse cycles, she may not need to pump as much breastmilk for baby to have at the sitter. Baby sort of goes into low gear, sometimes sleeping more while at the sitters and then when reunited with mother, baby will nurse frequently to sate the nutritional and emotional needs. In the book Nursing Mother, Working Mother, by Gale Pryor, it is noted:

"In studying working mothers and their babies, Irene Frederick and Kathleen Auerbach found that many well-attached babies sleep for longer periods during their mothers' absence and are wakeful when their mothers are present. These babies simply shift their schedules to nurse frequently when their mothers are available, and consequently may not need to be fed more than twice during an eight-hour separation."

Keep in mind as long as baby is wetting plenty of diapers, stooling regularly, gaining well (Anis Manis is going 5 kgs yo!!@!~), and otherwise is doing fine, then baby is getting enough milk.

Problems may arise, however, if mothers are eager to enforce a "sleep schedule" onto the baby - then baby doesn't get enough milk at daycare, nor in the nighttime hours, and baby also does not get as much "mommy time" as they might otherwise. This can result in low supply for mom, and a fussy, unhappy baby.


Fuh fuh.

Breath Jiji.
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