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Free Four Movie Passes. Sapa mau?? Cepat! (END: 16th APRIL)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Update1: 4 tiket aku beri kepada seorang pembaca bertuah je. Justru(cewah!) tHrEE oF us kalo hang dapat.. hang dapat semua keempat-empat tiket.. bukan 2 je... heheheh@!~

Update2: Ohyeh. kotak komen berada di bahagian atas pos ye teman-teman@!~ bukan di kaki post. Kang ada lak yg komen kat entry bawah kang *kenyit mata kat cheet-cheet" heheh. tapi takpe aku baca jugak. penyertaan diterima.


Country: Denmark/Germany
Year: 2008
78 minutes

Production Company:
Crone Film AS/Radar Film AS/Sola Media GmbH/Svensk Film AB
Nina Crone
Morten Dragsted
Kirsten Skytte
Roar Skau Olsen
Jörg Lemberg
Principal Cast: Jason Graae, Frank Lenart, Heather Carino, Tesz Millan, David Bateson

Fuelled by disco music's infectious energy, Sunshine Barry & the Disco Worms is a comic and toe-tapping animated tale about a young worm pursuing a dream: to entertain the insect world through the power of the boogie!

It's not easy being Barry. The other backyard insects don't give earthworms like him any respect, considering his kind to be the bottom of the food chain. Despite his adventurous spirit, all Barry has to look forward to is a boring life at a dull desk job in the compost industry. But his world is turned upside down when he finds an old disco record in a box of office supplies his father gives him. From the minute he hears the music's opening bars, he is hooked. His body twisting and turning in time with the beat, Barry realizes the key to a more exciting life. He will form a band and play that funky music to stardom by winning the upcoming annual song contest.

Finding musicians to play in his band is not as easy as Barry had imagined. To make matters worse, he is informed that the contest organizers refuse to allow worms to compete. Determined to find a way to perform on the contest stage, Barry cobbles a band together. Despite their lack of experience and dubious talents, they are not half bad. But just as things are looking up, the would-be stars are dealt a terrible blow: the band is scooped up from the earth and placed in a vending machine to be sold as live bait! Could this really be the end for Barry and his disco dreams?

Featuring colourful 3-D computer animation, a clever script and an amusing cast of insect characters, this is a joyous story about a spirited worm out to prove that having no arms or legs is no obstacle to getting down. It is certain to inspire laughter, excitement and perhaps even a little dancing.

Okeh ini ada empat movie passes. Aku nak give away. (laki) Aku memang banyak je dapat free passes neh. *Ahem*

Sebab dengan beranak kecik ni, susah nak tgk wayang la.

So, sapa nak?

Angkat tangan!!!!!!@!~


Kalo laa semudah tuh.

Memang mudah pon.

Komen kata...

Jiji bak mai FREE movie passes tu pasal...

Pastu kalo rajin, update blog korang, paparkan muka-muka anak-anak/suami/teman lelaki/mak apak/ yang bakal pergi dengan korang dan buat post dengan tajuk yang sama. Jangan lupa link kan semula ya ke sini.

Aku akan pilih komen/post atau komen&post yang boleh buat aku terharu@!~
(Tips: Bagi tau aku korang nak pegi dengan sapa dan sebab-sebabnya. Contoh: Jiji bak mai FREE movies passes tu pasal anak I memang suka main cacing, tengok cacing mengeliut-liut tu jiji oei.)

4 keping passes ni.


Tu je.


yang tak kenal/takpernah jumpa/ aku boleh join.. aku tarak pilih kaseeeyyy@!~

Take note:

1. This movie is classified as 'U'.
2.Valid at ALL Cathay Cineplexes and selected TGV Cinemas nation wide.
3. Valid from 16th April 2009 until the end play of the movie
4. Contest will be end on the 16th April
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