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Help! Help @!~ My Anis Manis won't take a bottle.Tsk. Perlukah aku BF forever??

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I know la breast is best tapi it is starting to take it's toll on me!!@!~ I tried all the nipples, ni sat lagi nak mencari Tommee Tippie pulak. Sekarang Pigeon punya has lost its touch. Nuk Nuk (mcm Nang Nak je. Haha) (brand dr Germany - yg penyek tu mcm aku nak buang dlm tong sampah je).Baru beli tu@!~. She would sort of suck on but it took an hour or more to get only one ounce or one drop down her throat. Geram hokay@!~ Aku sakit pinggang dah ni. Setiap kali BF I feel like the amount she does take in is not enough.

She is one smart baby tau. She knows what she likes. She likes TETEK. TETEK !! TETEK !! TETEK!!!!@!~ Yeah aku pon suka tetek but that's another story okeh. Puas aku tonyoh botol tu (okeh nampak ganas tp tak) itu pon if she's willing to have it in her mouth, she's not going to suck from it. Puas aku pujuk. Nenek nye pulak.. "Goooooooooood girl, always get what u want, always go for the best!! jangan settle with second best!!"
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