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The Supermom Syndrome

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Ye, ye I’ve been neglecting my blog. A lot of things has happened and I’m still getting things back in order (I doubt it). Once I feel like things are back to normal, I’ll begin posting what I hope to be a useful posts (oh really? since when you write anything useful jiji? Huh?).


12 hari melepak di rumah jaga Anis. 12 hari I experienced being a stay-home-mom. Being a stay-home-mom was.. urm 60-40 'OK' with me. Why you ask? Heh. Okehlah, I admit.I don't have the Supermom Syndrome. Itu satu. Lagipon it looked great from the outside, but inside..? Tertekan sangat.


Is not like I can make 10K pon if I stay at home . I try to figure out if I, personally (emotionally, finacially), can afford being a stay-home-mom, NOPE.

I almost thissssss close the tender my position. Sepoloh juta kali jugak aku buat reality check. Ada jugak nego. about working from home with the company , well my H.O.D is OK with it. HR pulak suruh refer H.O.D so sepatutnya there was no problem la kan but came along this Dr. Ab**d. Making such a big fuss about it. Not in the policy what not larr. BAKAA YA ROKKK (itu bahasa jepun. heh)!!@!~

FUCK LAAA!!!@!~ (and that's French. Haha)

Fuh. fuh.

Okeh. I'm cool. For now.


Btw. Sejak Anis kena Bronchiolitis aku kasi susu badan full time. Ada jugak kasi botol tapi dia takmo langsung. Ni Isnin, serba salah aku nak antar dia ke Nursery. Nak je aku buat taklimat ringkas pada parents yang tak kesah langsung pasal anak. Aku tau laa anak ko dah 3-4 orang, batuk muntah semua benda kecik. Kecik kepala otak ko laaaaa kalo sampai menyusahkan orang lain!@!~

Aku tau laa korang keja, aku keja jugak tapi amik tau laa anak ko tu perot buncit bercacing, telor kembang macam bola golf, kahak hijau semua. Takan tak tau anak orang lain pon ada jugak kat situ. Bukan anak ko sorang je merangkak, menceceh air liur semua. Prihatin bleh tak???? Angkut anak korang balik umah jaga elok-elok boleh tak???? Tu AMANAH tu. Ko jangan nak argue keja ko laa apa laaa. Takan la bodoh sangat.

Fuh. fuh.

Okeh. I'm cool.

Hah. Ye sangat.



Don't EVER dump your babies when he/she is having ..

• Fever, irritability, lethargy, persistent crying, or difficulty breathing. All can be signs of illness.

• An upper respiratory illness such as bronchiolitis or influenza.

• Diarrhea. Diarrhea that can't be contained by diapers or by using the toilet regularly is a signal to keep your child home.

• Bloody stools or stools containing mucus. These could be the sign of a viral or bacterial infection. (Give your doctor a call!)

• Vomiting.

• A rash. This is reason to keep your child home unless you know for sure that it's not linked to an infection (for example, if you know it's a reaction to eating strawberries). If your child's rash is not linked to a fever or other symptoms, he may be able go if your daycare's rules allow it.

• Chicken pox. Your child is no longer contagious once all the sores have dried and crusted over.

• Impetigo. Kids with this skin disease are no longer contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics.

• Scabies. Once treated with a topical insecticide, it's no longer contagious.

• Bacterial conjunctivitis (pinkeye) and yellow discharge from the eye. It's no longer contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics, but most daycare places won't let children in with an eye discharge. Kids with red, watery eyes from allergies are not contagious, however, and should be allowed in daycare, as the condition can continue for quite a while.

• Strep throat. It's usually not contagious after 24 hours of antibiotics.

• Mouth sores that cause excessive drooling. Wait until your doctor says they're not infectious before returning your child to daycare.

• Head lice. Your child can return to daycare after he's been thoroughly treated.

Just DON'T!
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