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Friday is Back (with my new artwork) Please Comment!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Pathetic kan soh orang komen? Hah!

Sabar je la dengan aku ye@!~

Again, I was hit by the I-Want-To-Be-With-My-Baby Blues.

Yes, we working mom/offices-slaves do get the blues too...once in a while.

(Once in awhile?? Oh please@!~)

I dunno why but I just kinda snapped.

Nope, I didn't drown any of my colleague in the sink or anything.

I just snapped cos I realised...It's Friday already!! Ya know, Friday then come Saturday.. then Sunday. Then Monday again. I'm just not ready for Monday!!@!~

Cepatnya masa bergerak!!!!@!~

*Pulls whatever remaining hair left*

Here I am sitting in my cubicle wondering whyyy ooo whyyyyY@!~

Hah! Drama, drama, drama la ko!!

Yea yeah@!~ we, working moms are a lil bit difficult to comprehend sometimes.

(Orait-orait simpan bijik mata korang hokay. Shheeesh)


Puas hati?


I am happy to report that the crap feeling is gone after I finished vectorising Anis Manis.

Yay me.


Eh. Sila komen!


Actual photo.

Note to laki: Ye ye banyak lagi nak kena improve.


Laki aku kata dia suka yang ni better. Ni first version.

Makluman: Vector art ni di buat menggunakan Flash CS3. Masa utk menyiapkan vector art ni lebeh kurang 80 minit.
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