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More Mini Mes (Yay@!~ siap 3 orang punya Mini ME!). You, Order your Mini Me now@!~

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

I just created four Mini MEs for my blogger friends. Woot@!~

I hope they will love it because I love every single Mini Me that I made, since I spent hours making it. (Hours? nampak sgt tak pro!)

Meet Yatie from Japangggg@!~

Meet Mrs. Azrol .
(mula-mula aku ingat kakak ipar aku yg order, pasal nama abang aku Azrol) Gelabah siot@!~

Meet Kak Jie. (Alaar suma orang dah kenal dah)

I'm still available for badge and header request and it is FREE as long as you follow my terms and condition. (Alarr, cuma cepat atau lambat je aku siap kan bergantung paras bizi mana aku bekerja kat opis neh).

P/s: I don't know why I'm working a little slow these days.



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